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Whether you’re out in the field

At home dealing with some urgent repairs

Or involved in an emergency situation

The Stitch & Simon tactical pen could be a lifer saver

Presented in a stylish box its packed with unexpected features 

From a humble ball point pen to an emergency LED flashlight

The casing hides, multiple tools including bottle openers, screw driver and mini wrench

Created from ultra strong aircraft aluminum

See it here: 

 It also featured a nose cone constructed of Titanium that can be used to puncture glass

 The Stitch & Simon Tactical Pen buy one for someone you care for, and get one to keep at hand for yourself

 Learn More: Tactical Pen

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There is no doubt that a campfire is the most enjoyable part of camping. Sitting around the fire provides a great feeling. Some campers prepare their food from this. But the most crucial part is, it’s a great source of heat. No other things can be perfect, like sitting wrapped and drink around the fire. But it would help if you kept the distance of your tent from the flame. And, never think to take your stove or barbecue inside the tent.
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When a jacket becomes dirty, the waterproofing feature becomes less effective. So the first thing you should do is clean the jacket. Cleaning a jacket is not so hard. The most effective way to clean a jacket is to follow the printed instruction on the jacket. If there is no instruction printed, then the best way to clean by hand washing the jacket using some mild soap like
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