Camouflage - Camo Clothing & Equipment by Stitch & Simon

Find our camo design on a range of equipment and clothing. Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, and outdoor activities such as paintballing. Camouflage as a fashion design has become mainstream, ideal for casual sportswear including hoodies, tracksuits, and sweat shirts. 
We started by creating a new design for one of the most established patterns in the world camouflage. The innovation has meant that our brand is responsible for a unique and patented design for camouflage. The design incorporates a bull icon that is blended into the camo design along with our brand name Stitch & Simon. We today are proud to provide, premium outdoor clothing and equipment aimed at everyone who loves the great outdoors more here
'the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.
"on the trenches were pieces of turf which served for camouflage'

Camouflage is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see, or by disguising them as something else. Examples include the leopard's spotted coat, the battledress of a modern soldier, and the leaf-mimic katydid's wings.